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We are poor.

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De dief evenwel ontsnapte [ds dif eranvel untsnaptaj the thief, however, escaped. Waarheen Whither trok George II? Compound nouns have the gender of the principal word: hoef m. Het Lldieooril [ht hihoti]. It always spelled: a: dag [dax] day, hart [hart] heart. Wat geschiedde happened met zijn stuk vleesch? Verwant- hoedenplank relation or affinity is female. Ik zal hij zal wij zullen gij zult zij willen Ik zou de hij zou de wij zouden gij zoudt zij zouden Ik gou de hij zou de wij zouden gij zoudt zij zouden Future Perfect. The participles of detachable compounds have the stress arrange the prefix, but if old as adjectives they have the stress on the root of the verb, cf.

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Verbs composed with adverbis or prepo- sitions have tiie stress arrange the verb, if they are inse- parable compounds; but arrange the prefix, if they are se- parable compounds see Class 22 : doon-citen [' iordtan] to tiavel on, hordsai [. Was the woman old? The eggs are scarce. Gehad hehhen have had. Verwant- schap family member or affinity is feminine. Swedes, spectai-les, stairs, thanks, tidings, forceps, trousers, victuals, wages, captains, corpoials, collea- gues, genii, gymnasiums, ladies, officers, professors, ser- geants, stage-coaches, tempers, viziers, watches, ten pence, five guilders, four yards of cloth, ten pounds of sugar, twenty reams of paper, two barrels of beer, sixty cents.

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