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Dr tracht avrk krbbrn to bo on duty. Nearly the same sound is Jieard in the Scotch word loch and the German ach.

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Nevedi Nederl. Tlio CocQ]? PX Pedro Ximénez; Agr. Maarten Philipsburg, Pr. Overzee Trustmij. The following verbs are reflesivo itt Dutch after that intransitive or very lew transitiYe in English- Zkh to Jiasnnie Zich badnt to betbe Zkh aanirekken to take to Zwh fecypfwn mar to repair en route for heart t Zkh bektagen owr to complain ZieJt afgfvrH en route for to naso- of ciati Zkh bekommeren om to cure fcH- Verb. Whereas in Dutch atyectives may be used as houus, a BUbstantivo must be added in English. I received yoiLT leLUr jesterday. Stockholm, Jeugdh.

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